Our Family of 50plus Properties Welcomes You Home

Our Team at BRD believes in what we do and it shows in our commitment to offer you peace of mind in your decision to move and be a part of our family.

Our Family welcomes you home. Whether you've stayed in the area all your life or moved away to follow your dreams and aspirations; our modern properties give you a sense of homecoming and a community within a community the minute you step through the door. Spacious suites, heated parking, meal programs developed at most locations, group activities, and vibrant common areas are just a few things you'll enjoy. Among the many features and benefits in your new affordable and elegant suite, is also the way it's designed for you to live carefree the way you want.

Since its inception in 2007, Bridge Road Developments has shown what a young and innovative company built on a lifetime of experience can do to contribute to the active living lifestyle that people need in today's fast-paced society! The success has been evident in the last few years as rural communities across Manitoba and Saskatchewan approach BRD to develop housing complexes that will meet the demand for a new vision of aging. Currently, BRD has developed and constructed over 350 apartment homes in 22 communities across Manitoba and Saskatchewan each with individual personalities that make these communities unique.

Bridge Road Developments Ltd. – Real Estate Development – Manitoba – Saskatchewan

Bridge Road Developments Ltd.

is built on a solid foundation of over 100 years of entrepreneurship and construction experience of the founders—Harry Funk, Wayne Peters, and Ken Penner. Under their leadership and commitment to integrity, excellence, and quality in all areas of operations, the company has thrived.